Novo Nordisk International Talent Program

To attract international talent and to support UCPH students studying abroad, UCPH and the Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk have developed the Novo Nordisk International Talent Program (NNITP). The programme is one example of how universities can collaborate with the industry to allow for resources, knowledge and competencies to come together to benefit both parties.

Novo Nordisk International Talent Program is a scholarship programme set up to support student mobility between UCPH and partner universities in the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU), as well as the University of Sydney. The programme covers a range of select academic fields pertaining to metabolism, insulin, hemoglobin, obesity, big data or digitalisation.

NNIPT was established in 2015, and Novo Nordisk Ltd annually donates up to DKK 2.5 million towards the programme.

Who Can Apply

Talented students enrolled at IARU institutions and the University of Sydney coming to UCPH, and talented UCPH students going to these institutions can apply for the scholarship.


Sarah Mathiasen and Sasha Tolstoy both received a scholarship for a summer school in molecular biology at National University of Singapore.

The programme specifically supports student mobility within the areas of: Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biology, Biology-Biotechnology, Computer Science, Food Innovation and Health, Global Health, Health Informatics, Chemistry, Human Biology, Human Physiology, Human Nutrition, Immunology and Inflammation, Medicinal Chemistry, Medicine and Technology, Medicine, Molecular Biomedicine, Nanoscience, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Public Health.

The Scholarship
The scholarship may be spent towards the cost of tuition fees, travel costs, insurance and other expenses incurred in connection with studying abroad. The scholarship will typically amount to approximately EURO € 1200 a month. Depending on the costs and length of the study abroad programme, it may increase up to EURO € 26000 in total.

Scholarships are awarded up to one full academic year. The programme gives priority to applicants who display a strong academic background and submit an ambitious study plan for their stay abroad.

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