Creating Career Pathways – University of Copenhagen

02 March 2016

Creating Career Pathways

The Danish job market can be fiercely competitive for recent graduates and even more so for international graduates, who face specific challenges when striving for a career in Denmark.  UCPH has launched an inter-faculty retention and career project to prepare international Master's students for a life and career in Denmark after graduation.

Preparing international students for a career in Denmark

In September 2015, UCPH welcomed almost 900 international master students to more than 60 English-taught master programmes. Excited about embarking on a two-year academic journey here in Copenhagen, international students often forget to reflect on their Danish career opportunities, which  leaves them unprepared for the job market when graduating.

To tackle this challenge and improve international Master's students’ chances of entering the Danish job market, UCPH has launched a retention and career project addressing the challenges that international students often face when pursuing a career in Denmark. The project is tailored to the specific needs of the international students, who are not familiar with the often unsaid characteristics of the Danish job market, for example the importance of a relevant student job and the informal workplace culture.

Denmark needs international talent

UCPH’s retention and career project was launched in response to the need for international talent. International talent is vital for Denmark – not only to develop a diversified and global workforce but also to create an internationalised profile for Danish companies and organisations. UCPH is determined to play an active role in this development and to ease the transition from student to employee for its international students.

Implementing career guidance initiatives

Since the project began two years ago, more than 125 career guidance initiatives and events have taken place, attracting more than 2500 students. Initiatives include company visits, career fairs and cafés, matchmaking events, competence and networking workshops, introduction to the Danish job market, and one-on-one career guidance.

More events and initiatives will be introduced in 2016 before the final evaluation of the project, which will culminate in an inspirational catalogue and the initiatives will be embedded at department level.

To learn more please visit the project website or contact Project Coordinator Morten Nørulf.