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04 September 2016

Fancy a Wicked Session in Liverpool?

EAIE 2016 is approaching, and UCPH is as excited as ever. If you manage to tear yourself away from the Merseybeat of Liverpool, we hope to see you at one of our sessions on the summer term, retention and Gen-Y students.

When this year’s EAIE kicks off in September, UCPH has several reasons to be thrilled. Not only are we going to what the Guinness Book of Records once named the World Capital City of Pop; we also have 3 sessions and 1 poster session on the menu. Whereas they all cover different topics, one element recurs: the harnessing of potential.

Summer terms, Gen-Y students and Retention
UCPH’s 3 sessions span three quite different themes. Rethinking the potential of the summer term explores the unrealized potential of the summer months, contributing to institutional impacts and spillover effects. How to increase outbound mobility numbers of the Gen-Y students attempts to get inside the heads of Generation-Y students in order to motivate them. Welcoming and retaining international students and staff will share best practice examples of how different universities retain the students and staff. And if you feel you need a national aspect of the retention strategy, you can check out our poster session Strategies for retaining international graduates that actually work!

The old and the new
Of course, another potential of EAIE is the possibility to nurse old friendships and forge new ones. With a delegation of 5 from the International Office alone and even more from our various faculties, we hope to meet as many of you as possible. You can ask for us in the Danish booth 622 or book a meeting with us beforehand – we are looking forward to seeing you in Liverpool!