The meteorite fell – University of Copenhagen

04 March 2016

The meteorite fell

On February 6, a meteorite fell from the sky hitting a parking lot northwest of Copenhagen with 300 km/h. The Danish media covered the event and the University of Copenhagen specialists in meteorites were excited and displayed a large piece – 635 grams - of the meteorite at the Geological Museum during the winter break.

…and it hit hard

Less exciting – and simultaneously as the meteorite fell; the University of Copenhagen went through a substantial cut back in public funding. More than 500 teachers, researchers and employees in service and administrative jobs will as a result of this leave the University of Copenhagen during 2016. Although the decision is to safeguard education and research; the real effects of this cut back will manifest themselves during 2016 and over the years to come.

I understand if this causes some concern amongst you - our international partners - and I am at your disposal for questions and comments. As always we remain fully committed to providing students with an academically rigorous international experience.

International Experience

To underline our international ambitions, this volume of the UCPH International Newsletter features how we work strategically to accommodate even more international students and researchers in Copenhagen with appropriate housing in an overheated housing market. We also share how we aim to guide our international graduates in their future careers. Further, we present the newly appointed head of studies at the Department of Political Science who is passionate about providing students with an international outlook aiding more than 40% of the student cohort to an international study experience. Also, we have launched a new campaign in motivating students to study abroad by addressing some of the concerns students often have initially. Finally, the director of the Center for Healthy Aging shares her perspective on smart thinking when attracting international talents - through MOOCs and summer courses.

Connecting during Spring Time

As the last bits of snow melts away we will receive various international incoming delegations both within research and education from Sydney, Boston, Seoul and many more. We look forward to meeting you during the spring in a greener Copenhagen. Also please see the calendar for the locations we will be visiting throughout the year.