Ambitious Agreement with University of Sydney – University of Copenhagen

04 September 2016

Ambitious Agreement with University of Sydney

In an effort to create more international student and staff mobility, the University of Copenhagen has the ambition to expand certain institutional partnerships with selected university partners. We want to transform them into “super” agreements with more volume – both quantitatively and qualitatively. One such agreement is the one the UCPH and the University of Sydney recently signed, adding an additional institutional agreement to the existing partnership.  The intention is to exchange 50 students – per year. 

The Tip of the Partnership Iceberg
This super agreement builds upon a longstanding partnership of exchanging students from one end of the Earth to the other: between Australia and Denmark. During the last 10 years, the student numbers grew from 4 students per year, reaching more than 20 students going back and forth within a broad range of academic disciplines.

Quantity and Quality is not a Juxtaposition
Of course, the sheer number is not an achievement in itself. If you can judge from the experience of UCPH student Jeppe Nyland Jensen, however, it bodes well. Jeppe was an exchange student at the University of Sydney during his last semester, and he is enthusiastic about his experience. Studying law, he received a high level of teaching in modern and great facilities– and he adds that he gained a different perspective on his studies by understanding the Australian legal system.

Signing Ceremony in Copenhagen
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Tyrone Carlin recently flew from Sydney to sign the agreement with Prorector for Education Lykke Friis in Copenhagen. Both parties declared great hopes for the future cooperation, which will result in further exchanges including both post-graduate and PhD level.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Tyrone Carlin and Prorector Lykke Friis. Photo Andreas Beck

Visiting Sydney in November
The super agreement will be valid for 5 years, and both parties strive to explore potential for further cooperation. Already in November, the University of Copenhagen will visit Sydney with a delegation of academics within humanities, social science, science, health science and law, as well as professionals working with education abroad. 

The University of Copenhagen has super agreements with the University of California system exchanging more than 100 students every year and with the University of Toronto exchanging 20 students.