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03 September 2017

Priority Partnership with University of Sydney

Strategic initiatives

By signing a priority partnership with University of Sydney over the summer, University of Copenhagen joins the international trend of in-depth collaboration across borders. The partnership includes a joint pool of funds, which will be used to support joint research and teaching activities.

In June, the University of Copenhagen signed a priority partnership agreement with the University of Sydney. Such a partnership is a way of forging close global relations between leading research institutions, and will provide both universities with related opportunities. The partnership for instance enables cross-disciplinary research collaboration and increased exchange programmes for students. It is the first time UCPH enters into a priority partnership at an institutional level.

Natural selection

Long traditions of collaboration within research and education are enshrined in both universities. For Rector Henrik C. Wegener of UCPH, it is thus natural that UCPH has chosen University of Sydney as the first priority partner. Under the agreement, the two universities will each contribute an annual DKK 500,000 (EUR 67,000) to a joint pool, used to support joint research and teaching activities. The partnership agreement runs for three years, after which the results are evaluated.

In on a trend

"With this partnership, the University of Copenhagen follows an international trend in the university sector of engaging in closer and more in-depth collaborations with select universities. We do this in order to reinforce our position in the competition for research funding and to find solutions together for the global challenges of the 21st century," says Rector Henrik C. Wegener of UCPH.