12 December 2018

Maersk Tower - a milestone for UCPH

Research Communities

The 75 meters high imposing copper tower, is UCPH’s new centre for world-class research and education in health sciences. Distinguishing itself as a global leader in health innovation, the University’s ambition is to offer the best premises for creating new ideas and finding new knowledge. Maersk Tower is a big milestone in this ambition.

Communities through borderless learning facilities

The core of the building is the research plazas on each floor, which provide social venues for researchers and students to meet and exchange ideas between their different areas of expertise. These open transitions break with traditional laboratory structures in order to create the best platforms for flexible and stimulating research forms and to encourage opportunities for interdisciplinary teamwork. Besides the spatial understanding of the learning environment, the Tower also contains three, ultramodern auditoriums, giving the students the best possible physical surroundings for learning.

With its sustainable campus park and opensquare, Maersk Tower also aims to contribute positively by linking UPCH with the surrounding neighbourhood and making it an important landmark not just for the University, but for the entire city.

The keywords have been to create communities. We want to create communities, not only for the researchers, but also communities together with the rest of the city. The combination of those two – has been the very essence of our approach to this task”, as Mads Mandrup Hansen, Partner and arkitekt in C.F. Møller, explains.

Inviting Copenhagen for talks on the top

While the first 14 floors are for the University’s researchers and students, the top floor is open for everyone and gives access to one of the best views of Copenhagen.

Each month, the University invites the public to attend ‘Talks on the top’ - allowing the audience to get insight into the newest research at Maersk Tower. At these events, researchers have given talks on the relations between stress and health, how the conditions of our teeth can reveal the body’s overall health condition and how to keep our pets healthy by understanding their microbeams. The purpose of the top talks is to communicate ongoing research activities, share knowledge, create inspiration and values for citizens and improve health in general.