15 March 2019

Access 200+ open educational resources on health


The School of Global Health and the Centre for Online and Blended Learning at UCPH are behind The Nordic University Health Hub that offers unique open access to learning materials on Global Health. The Hub is the result of international collaboration between three Nordic universities and combines knowledge and resources to the benefit of many.

The universities of Uppsala, Bergen and Copenhagen have created The Nordic University Health Hub. It is based on an Open Educational Resources (OER) platform and offers more than 200 teaching materials within the health and medical sciences, including a collection of resources on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The materials available from the Hub are easy to share with institutions worldwide.

Increasing quality through collaboration

The three partner institutions created The Nordic University Health Hub with the dual purpose of easing access to high quality Open Educational Resources (OER) for instructors, and giving students the opportunity to learn from the most excellent researchers at the three universities.

The Hub works as an exchange of educational resources as well as a forum for best practice featuring and encouraging new teaching methods on how to blend OER into the curricula.

The worldwide OER movement is based on the human right to have access to high-quality education. This shift in educational practice is not just about cost savings and easy access to openly licensed content; it is also about participation and co-creation.

The three partners encourage other Nordic institutions to join as contributors to the platform.