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Contact Persons

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Ahm, Søren Theodor HeinCoordination officer Outbound advisor for Latin America +45 353-24578E-mail
Borreschmidt, Nikolaj ChristianCoordination officer  +45 353-33948E-mail
Bruun, AnneSenior advisor Team Coordinator +45 353-23892E-mail
Dinesen, Sara LundeCoordination officer Talent Program +45 353-23792E-mail
Ellis, KristineCoordination officer Admission of international students, Mentor coordinator, International coordinator for students with special needs +45 353-33721E-mail
Funch, Kathrine BruunCoordination officer  +45 353-31725E-mail
Hansen, Simone HauskovStudent assistant   E-mail
Heller, Katrine SamsonCoordination officer UC Study Center +45 353-20411E-mail
Jensen, SørenCoordination officer  +45 353-28396E-mail
Jøns, Katja PietrasCoordination officer Coursera, International conferences and international newsletter +45 353-23901E-mail
Mushtaq, ShabnamInternational coordinator  +45 353-34737E-mail
Nielsen, Clara RejnmarkCoordination officer Outbound advisor for Canada, Nordplus and Nordlys +45 353-23914E-mail
Osorio Brito, AlexandraInternational coordinator Admission of international students and transcripts +45 353-20076E-mail
Pedersen, Bente BlumensaatAdministrative officer Admission of inbound students +45 353-23907E-mail
Raimondos-Møller, EvaCoordination officer Full degree, student loan programmes for international students +45 353-24577E-mail
Sand, Trine HøjbjergHead of section Director of International Education & Grants +45 353-23927E-mail
Stick, AskeAcademic Officer  +45 353-37947E-mail
Stig, MarianneInternational coordinator Erasmus+, Asia exchange coordinator and various scholarships for outbound students, web +45 353-23352E-mail
Talleruphuus, JulieCoordination officer UCPH International Summer Programme, Crown Princess Mary Scholarship, international conferences/visits and newsletter +45 353-20635E-mail
Winther, PernilleCoordination officer Outbound Advisor for USA/Middle East +45 353-23660E-mail