04 September 2015

Funding for student mobility with non-EU countries

A new action in the Erasmus+ opens up for student and staff mobility with countries outside of the EU. University of Copenhagen has been granted a 100.000 Euro funding to handle student mobility with partners in Serbia, Peru, Brazil and Israel, September 2015 - May 2017.

New action in Erasmus+: International Credit Mobility

From 2015 Institutions of Higher Education have been able to apply through Erasmus+ for funding to establish student and staff mobility with countries outside the EU. The action is called International Credit Mobility. Through this action, the EU Commission aims at strengthening the EU as a major player in the market for Higher Education.

Action opens up for collaboration with partners throughout the world

Photo by Anne Trap-Lind

The new action is a unique opportunity to establish collaboration with new partners, and provide students and staff with the chance to study and teach at a university outside Europe, but with the benefits that come with the Erasmus+.

Favorable Erasmus+ grants to students and staff

Students who apply for mobility within in this action will receive a monthly Erasmus+ grant:

  • 850 Euro for students travelling to the University of Copenhagen
  • 650 Euro for students travelling from the University of Copenhagen

Staff – inbound and outbound  – will receive a daily Erasmus+ grant worth 160 Euro.

In addition all participants will receive an Erasmus+ travel support grant based on the distance band between their own institution and the University of Copenhagen.

Successful application from the University of Copenhagen

In March 2015, the University of Copenhagen submitted an application to participate in this action.  Even though the application rate was high throughout Denmark, the University of Copenhagen was granted funding to establish student mobility with existing partners in Serbia, Peru, Brazil and Israel.

This is a great opportunity to support increase mobility at our university and partner universities, as well as giving students and staff more options when considering a mobility period abroad. At the University of Copenhagen we are excited to explore these opportunities further. 

Next application deadline: March 2016

The EU Commission has announced a yearly application deadline in March until 2020, when the Erasmus+ Programme ends.

The application must provide reasoning for choice of partner institution, how the mobility will help strengthening the internationalisation strategy at both institutions, the planned mobility etc.

View the EU Commission’s webpage on Cooperation outside the EU.

For further information on the Erasmus+ programme please contact Nikolaj Christian Borreschmidt, Project Coordinator.

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