Information for Exchange Partners

The University of Copenhagen welcomes more than 1500 exchange students annually from our global network of partners. On this page you can find information about:

  • How to nominate your students for exchange
  • The application procedure for students

If you have any questions regarding nomination, please contact the International Education office:

Nomination for spring 2023

The application deadline for the spring 2023 semester was 1 October. It is no longer possible to nominate students.

If you have any questions regarding nomination, please contact International Education:

Entering Information

Once logged in, we ask you to enter information about yourself (as nominator), name and e-mail of the student, and finally information about your university, the type of programme, study area, and period of study that the student wishes to apply for. We recommend that you do not use Hotmail e-mail addresses, as we have experienced that our e-mails do not always reach the inbox.


Once you have entered this information, save it. After saving, you can either nominate more students by clicking on "Nominate another student" or you can finish the nomination by clicking on "Finish nomination".

Shortly after you have nominated the student(s) and we have received the nomination, the student(s) will be invited by e-mail to fill in their application online.


Please make sure to nominate your students in due time to allow the students to meet our application deadlines. The deadlines for students to submit complete applications are:

Autumn semester: 1 May and Spring semester: 1 October.

See Frequently Asked Questions.

Application procedure for the students

Once you have nominated your student(s), they will receive an invitation from us by e-mail to the e-mail address you entered when nominating the student. The e-mail will provide detailed information about how to apply for admission, housing and Danish language courses.

The students will receive a pin code, which they need in order to access the online application form. They can save a draft of the application and access it by logging in again later. The students will be guided through the process while online, and they can upload a copy of their official transcript of academic records online as well. If they are not able to do so, they can send a scanned copy by e-mail to

Students can find more information about the application procedure on our website for exchange and guest students.