Contact Persons

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Bruun, Anne Senior adviser Acting Director International Education +45 353-23892 E-mail
Dinesen, Sara Lunde Senior adviser Talent Program +45 353-23792 E-mail
Ellis, Kristine Academic Officer Exchange admissions, contact person for mentor coordinators at UCPH, contact person in relation to the Danish authorities regarding residence permit for international students. +45 353-33721 E-mail
Funch, Kathrine Bruun Academic Officer +45 353-31725 E-mail
Grauballe, Christina Jane Academic Officer +45 353-33895 E-mail
Haagerup, Tina Clerical officer +45 353-34739 E-mail
Hauskov, Simone Academic Officer University of California Program Coordinator, admission of international students, web editor +45 353-31299 E-mail
Jensen, Søren Rosenkvist Academic Officer +45 353-28396 E-mail
Mortensen, Julie Illemann Student +45 353-34048 E-mail
Mushtaq, Shabnam International coordinator +45 353-34737 E-mail
Osorio Brito, Alexandra Academic Officer Outbound Advisor for Canada, Latinamerica and Russia, Nort2North scholarship +45 353-20076 E-mail
Pedersen, Bente Blumensaat Clerical officer Admission of inbound students +45 353-23907 E-mail
Raimondos-Møller, Eva Academic Officer Full degree, student loan programmes for international students +45 353-24577 E-mail
Stick, Aske Academic Officer +45 23 90 17 07 E-mail
Stig, Marianne International coordinator Erasmus+, Asia exchange coordinator and various scholarships for outbound students, web +45 353-23352 E-mail
Thomsen, Hedvig Gyde Senior Executive Consultant Excecutive Consultant, 4EU+ Policy Officer +45 353-24281 E-mail
Winther, Pernille Academic Officer Outbound Advisor for USA/Middle East +45 353-23660 E-mail