Erasmus Staff Mobility

The Erasmus+ Programme allows for employees at Europeans universities to do a short teaching or training stay at another university in Europe.

Erasmus Staff Mobility for Teaching

Teaching is defined as lectures, seminars, workshops, panel discussions etc. where the teacher contributes actively to the programme. There must be a clearly defined target group (BA, MA or PhD students or employees)

Teaching mobility is relevant for teaching staff.

A stay must be of a duration of at least two days – travel days not included – and with a minimum of eight teaching hours per five days or below.

Inter-Institutional Agreement for Teaching

An Inter-Institutional Agreement is an exchange agreement signed by UCPH and a partner university within Europe. The agreement is to ensure the teaching quality and lists the rights and obligations of the staff and students on exchange.

Therefore, an Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching is only possible if your university has signed an Inter-Institutional agreement for Teaching with UCPH.

Please contact the Erasmus coordinator at your home university to find out whether there is an Inter-Institutional Agreement for Teaching with UCPH.

Erasmus Staff Mobility for Training

Training is defined as training events abroad (excluding conferences) and job shadowing/observation periods/training at a partner university.
Training mobility is relevant for teaching and non-teaching staff and there is no need for an Inter-Institutional Agreement.

A stay must be of a duration of at least two days – travel days not included.

Erasmus grant

If the stay fulfils the criteria for Erasmus+ Staff Mobility you can ask your home university whether you can be awarded an Erasmus+ grant as a contribution to cover the expenses of the stay.

Planning an Erasmus Staff Mobility period at the University of Copenhagen

A stay in the framework of Erasmus Staff Mobility must be arranged in direct contact with a department, office or professor at UCPH. This means that staff are responsible for the initial contact to the relevant person at UCPH and for planning the Erasmus Staff Mobility.

Due to workload, International Education does not have the resources to welcome staff to our office or to help staff plan their stay at another department at UCPH.

We therefore ask persons interested in Erasmus Staff Mobility to contact the relevant department at UCPH in order to find out if it is possible to arrange for staff mobility locally.

To search for a relevant person or department at UCPH please click here.

Staff Training Week

A Staff Training Week is an event planned by a European university. The focus of Staff Traning Weeks can be topics relevant for staff members working with international education. The programmes often cover the most pressing questions in International Higher Education that an International Office is facing.

Please note that the University of Copenhagen does not currently offer Staff Training Weeks.