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Nominator FAQs 

Where can I find the link to the online application form?

The link to the students' online application form can be found in the invitation e-mail which International Education & Grants sends to the students once we receive your online nomination.

Can my students nominate themselves?

No. It is important that the login details are not passed on to the students. Your online nomination is our guarantee that you have selected the students.

How do I get the login details?

Each academic year International Education & Grants sends an e-mail with the updated login details to as many of you as possible. If you have not received it, please send an e-mail to  and ask for the login details.

I tried nominating, but the system will not accept the password.

Please note that the login and password are case sensitive. The password changes each academic year. If you have not received the updated login details, please send an e-mail to the admission officers at

I cannot find my university on the list, when I try to nominate.

The list is unfortunately not in an alphabetic order, so keep looking. Send an e-mail to the admission officers at if you are still unable to find your university on the list.

Do I have to write the students' field of study?

Overseas exchange partners: not mandatory, but welcome! Erasmus partners: Absolutely! To secure correct match of agreement please write field of study and subject code number. Nordplus partners: yes, please. Nordlys partners: yes, and please add "Nordlys" to the field of subject, as we are otherwise not able to distinguish between Nordplus and Nordlys. Thank you.

I have nominated my student(s), but they have not heard anything from you.

Your students should check their spam folder as our invitation e-mails are sometimes accidently deleted as spam. If the invitation e-mail is not in the spam folder, the students should send an e-mail to the admission officers at and confirm their e-mail address. It is very important the students' e-mail address is typed correctly.

I have a student who wishes to apply outside our exchange agreement. Should I nominate him/her?

Your student should apply as a fee-paying guest student if they will not be using an exchange agreement. Guest Students apply through us directly. Please advise your student to read about the individual guest student application procedure at