Super Partnerships and Priority Partnerships

The University of Copenhagen has ambitious goals of global engagement to ensure our students a global mindset and to enable research collaboration with international peers. Through our strategic partnership models, we translate international collaboration into dedicated and sustainable partnerships. The partnerships include student mobility, research collaboration and staff exchange and take the for of two particular concepts:

  • Super Partnerships
  • Priority Partnerships

Super Partnerships:

Super Partnerships are institution-wide partnerships with a commitment to large-scale student exchanges.  The collaborations are established with long-term partner universities of similar size, which offer research-based education and have course offerings within a matching range of academic disciplines. With our Super Partners, we exchange 20+ students each year with a shared goal of increasing mobility to approximately 50 students per year. Our Super Partners include:

  • University of Sydney
  • University of Toronto
  • National University of Singapore

Priority Partnerships:

Priority Partnerships are multi-pronged partnerships with collaborations within various academic disciplines and across different aspects of the university’s operations: research, education, HR and administration. The purpose of a Priority Partnership is to exploit the potential that lies in focused and committed partnerships fostering new knowledge and inventions, which originate in the partnering universities. The collaboration is supported financially by both institutions and entails an annual allocation of seed money to joint projects in research, education and professional development. In 2017, five projects were supported through our Priority Partnership concept. Our first Priority Partnership is:

  • University of Sydney
  • University of Edinburgh